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Kali Puja, dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali, is one of the important festivals celebrated by the Bengalis in Perth.

As per the Hindu calendar, Kali puja falls on the amavasya of Karthik month, which is usually considered the darkest of all amavasya nights. The festival of Kali Puja happens to coincide with Diwali festival which is celebrated on the same auspicious day of the new moon and Halloween in English calendar.

On the Puja evening devotees gather at the Puja hall. The Yajna is performed by our priest and the offerings are made at the end. After Puja we enjoy dinner.

We create an authentic puja experience for our Triangle community, learn more about BAWA celebration of Kali Puja

2021 Kali Pujo

Date: 4th November

Venue: John Leckie Pavilion, Melvista Ave & Stone Road, Nedlands

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4th November 2021 (Saturday)

Event16.00 - 20.00 John Leckie Pavilion, Melvista Ave & Stone Road, Nedlands

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