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ওম সর্ব মঙ্গলা মঙ্গলয়ে শিভে সর্বার্থ সাধিক শরণে ত্রয়ম্বকে গৌরী নারায়ণি নমোস্তেতে সার্থি স্থিতি বিনাশনাম, শক্তিভূতে, সনাতনী গুণশ্রয়ে, গুণাময়ে, নারায়ণি, নমস্তুতে শরণাগত দিনরত পরিত্রণ পরণে সর্বস্যার্থেহরে দেবী নারায়ণি নমোস্তেতে

We Bengalis are known for our love for festivals and food. When it comes to the festive seasons, Bangaliyana cannot be complete without the tune of ‘Dhak’ at Durga Puja. Durga Puja – the Bengali spring festival – a community connection and wellbeing – is a life line of Bengali culture. In early 90’s of the last century a small group of Bengalis in Perth started the Durga Puja at their own house and the tradition continued. The idol was hand made by one of our community member and the pride of the puja was nothing less than what we feel today. We proudly celebrated our 28th Year of Durga Puja in 2020, the biggest and oldest puja in Perth.

Durga puja in Perth means wearing traditional clothes, offering Anjali, being vegetarian for at least a full day, acknowledging Bijoya to elders and youngers and being in a festive mood throughout. The familiar sound of Dhak, Dhunuchi Nachh and Shankho Dhowni, touches every tune of Bengali’s heart. active participation from wider Western Australian communities to transform our Durga puja event into a truly family and multicultural event.

We create an authentic puja experience for our Triangle community, learn more about BAWA celebration of Durga Puja

2021 Durga Pujo

Date: 8-10th October 2021

Venue: The Macedonian Community of WA
51 Albert St, North Perth WA 6006


Durga Puja 2021 Subscription

CategoryAll 5 SessionIndividual Session
Member Family$150$20 /person / session
Member Single$75$20 /person / session
Non-Member individual Adult$80/person for 4 session$20 /person / session

8th October - 10th October

Shasthi 9.00 - 12.00 Moha oshtomi puja, Kumari puja, Anjali16.00 - 20.00 Bodhon, Moha saptami puja
6pm: Bodhon,9:30am: Astami Puja9:30am: Nabami Pujo
7pm: Saptami Pujo11am: Anjali 10:30am: Havan/Hom
8pm: Anjali 6:30pm: Sandhi Pujo 7:30pm: Anjali 11am: Anjali 11:30am: Dashami

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