Bengali Association Of Western Australia

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About Our BAWA

Bengali Association of Western Australia (BAWA) is a registered non-profit cultural association of the vibrant Bengalis living in Perth and other parts of the Western Australia. We begin our journey in 1980’s when couple of migrant families gathered together to establish the Bengali Association of WA. Dr Ashok Gupta was its founding President in 1989. We thrive by welcoming new people in, fostering our integration into the wider West Australian community, cherishing our ethnic heritage, and contributing in our own way to build a multi-cultural Western Australia.

Bengali Association of Western Australia is based in Perth, arguably the remotest capital city on the planet. A city blessed with pleasant hills, overlooking a magical river flowing into the mighty Indian Ocean; a city of beautiful landscapes, overwhelming greenery and easy going people. We have created our home away from home; a community of Bengali-Australians. A community that embraces the Australian way of life and is well-connected to its ethnic roots in Bengal.

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